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Womens Self Defense Program

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This program will help you to embark on a path to take control of your own personal safety. You will be given the information and tools you need to utilize your mind and body. This program is designed for women of all ages. Attendees will learn strategies and techniques to avoid becoming a victim.

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The Nakano Dojo’s “High Heels” Women Self Defense program trains women to apply Ninja principles to modern anti-rape / anti-mugging situations. Professor Duncan has long taught us that a Ninja practitioner should be able to defend from any position, and attack from any position. In addition, a Ninja practitioner should be able to use the surroundings to turn anything on hand into a weapon for defense. Whether a woman has a purse, bag, pen, keys, or nothing but her nails, the Nakano Dojo can teach her how to utilize anything, transforming it into a weapon to take down an attacker.

Students are taught tactics, and how to use the element of surprise to the best of their advantage. The senses are developed, so ladies are better equipped to see in the dark, have a heightened sense of alertness, and respond to protect themselves.

Women are often targets of attacks, and sometimes, shoes cause balance problems. Also, women may be more vulnerable in formal attire.

We teach women how to balance themselves properly in high heels, and respond effectively in emergency situations. Students are taught to use anything at hand to defeat their attackers – utilizing biology, physics, speed, and momentum to shut down the attacker as fast as possible. Even if a student is trained in karate, aikido, jujutsu, the Nakano Dojo has much to offer to create a truly effective and efficient defense response.

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  • Women High Heels Program

    Version 1 : You are dressed to kill - a formal gown and high heels -a party or night on the town - looking for fun, not trouble. But it could happen.....learn practical and effective techniques to be safe - including how to move in high heels....when speed, balance, and the element of surprise are crucial factors to protecting yourself!!

  • Skills Taught at the Dojo

    • Close Quarters Combat Tactics
    • Combat Psychology
    • Kobujitsu (traditional weaponry)
    • Modern weapons
    • Projectile Training
    • Night Combat Defense Training
    • Sensory Development
    • Disabling Techniques
    • Defense Against Mugging / Defense Against Rape

About Us

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The Nakano Dojo of Ninjitsu is unlike most martial arts schools today. It’s not about learning stylized forms, earned colored belts, or engaging in tournaments. It’s about functional, practical, realistic self defense…applying traditional principles to real world confrontations. We teach you how to think, observe, act and react to the unexpected. Our goal is to turn you into a quick-thinking, confident person, capable of defusing dangerous situations and disarming, disabling, or escaping all manner of assailants….just like a Ninja.

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