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Adult Ninjitsu Program

Why Choose The Nakano Dojo of Ninjitsu

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  • Longer Classes 
  • Learn More! Cross Train in Multiple Styles
  • Best Weapons Program on Long Island
  • Best Defense Against Knives and Guns – Proven Techniques
  • Tactics and Combat Psychology
  • More Experienced and Diverse Instruction

WHY CHOOSE US: The nakano dojo of ninjitsu

  • Adults – What You’ll Learn

    • Karate Basic – (Blocks, Kicks, Punches, Strikes)
    • Aikido Pillars
    • Judo Throws
    • Ju Jutsu Locks and Joint Manipulation
    • Body Movement and Flexibility
    • Projectile Throwing – Knife Throwing, Stars, Darts, Arrows
    • Combat Psychology
    • Tactics
    • Modern Weapon (Guns) Disarming
    • Knife Self Defense
    • Knife Fighting
    • Ninja Stealth Skills
    • Ground Fighting and Grappling
    • Low Light Self Defense / Night Fighting
    • Meditation
    • Modern Archery
    • Ninja Weapons and Exotic Weapons
    • Improved Weapons – How to Make Anything a Tool for Self Defense
    • Pressure Points and the Human Anatomy
    • Chi / Ki Development
    • Bone Breaking Techniques (Kappo Jutsu)
    • Kendo / Iaido – Sword Fighting
    • Developing of the Senses
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  • Our Loction

    Nakano Dojo of Ninjitsu

    186 Jericho Turnpike
    Knights of Columbus Building
    Mineola, NY 11501
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    (917) 301-1062

  • Women High Heels Program

    Version 1 : You are dressed to kill - a formal gown and high heels -a party or night on the town - looking for fun, not trouble. But it could happen.....learn practical and effective techniques to be safe - including how to move in high heels....when speed, balance, and the element of surprise are crucial factors to protecting yourself!!

  • Skills Taught at the Dojo

    • Close Quarters Combat Tactics
    • Combat Psychology
    • Kobujitsu (traditional weaponry)
    • Modern weapons
    • Projectile Training
    • Night Combat Defense Training
    • Sensory Development
    • Disabling Techniques
    • Defense Against Mugging / Defense Against Rape

About Us

Nassau Ninjitsu Logo

The Nakano Dojo of Ninjitsu is unlike most martial arts schools today. It’s not about learning stylized forms, earned colored belts, or engaging in tournaments. It’s about functional, practical, realistic self defense…applying traditional principles to real world confrontations. We teach you how to think, observe, act and react to the unexpected. Our goal is to turn you into a quick-thinking, confident person, capable of defusing dangerous situations and disarming, disabling, or escaping all manner of assailants….just like a Ninja.

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